A Manchester eating disorder support group have started a fundraiser to raise £500 for their online sessions

The money will be used to pay for the virtual group’s Zoom subscription to deliver free care sessions to women over 18 recovering from eating disorders.

By Katie Parry.

Two Manchester women have started a support group for women living with eating disorders.

Helen Bourne and Eleanor Shiers set up the group ‘Seeds of Hope’ in February 2020 for women over 18 living in Manchester who are fully recovering from eating disorders.

Since September 2020, they have been delivering free support sessions through online platform Zoom due to COVID-19.

A group of volunteers who have all experienced an eating disorder run sessions twice a month. One is on a Monday evening at 7pm, and the other is on a Thursday evening at 7pm.

Everyone who wants to attend must fill out an application form because there is a limit on the number of people that can be in an online session.

A member of the group said:

“Attending Seeds of Hope group sessions has aided and informed my recovery so much.

“It is so important to discuss issues of recovery with others also in recovery.

“Before I started attending the group, I had no outlet to talk about having anorexia, now I feel I have a healthy, safe, non-triggering space to learn from and speak in.”

On April 14, Helen Bourne started a fundraiser for £500.

The £500 will be used to pay for a Zoom subscription and will help to print and distribute updated flyers of the support group throughout GP surgeries and community boards in Manchester.

Their mission is to support women who are committed to recovery.

Donations to the fundraiser can be made here.

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