Craft group gives place to relax for Salford Community

A Salford craft group is bringing people together to chat and provide respite from the stresses of daily life.

Crafty Fridays, based in Langworthy Cornerstone, was set up in October to let people “have a go at creating something, chat, relax and enjoy something different.”

With March being National Craft Month, the group encourages people to take part in everything from painting to scrapbooking and to take their mind off the outside world.

Linda, who leads the groups, said: “If life’s hectic then nobody is asking for your attention here, you can just relax.

“It’s a little bit of respite, there was a lady who said it was nice to come here and think of nothing else for the hour and a half.”

The projects that the group take part in often include replicating a piece of art, focusing on the process of creating the piece rather than the finished project.

A photo of one of the projects from the group – Photo Credit: Claire Ovey

All materials are provided, and people are free to take the projects home to complete in their own time.

Claire Ovey, who regularly attends the group, said: “I was here in the beginning, it was a friend of mine who told me about it.

“I like [crafting] as a group, its more fun doing it as a group and you can share ideas.

“It’s a relaxed atmosphere, we can have a joke and a laugh.”

Crafty Fridays was set up in the wake of lockdown measures to give people an opportunity to relax, as well as to bring people together.

The group runs every Friday from 1pm-2pm at Langworthy Cornerstone in Salford.

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