Duchess of Cambridge – Manchester parents are facing loneliness during the Pandemic

Half a million UK parents are feeling “cut off” from support, says the Duchess of Cambridge.

In deprived areas 33% of parents are less likely to have had experienced this support than elsewhere in the UK.

The Duchess said it has been a “challenging” year for families.

And one parent from Manchester said: “I am a single parent of two children, one aged five the other aged nine,

“And even without lockdown I do find it quite lonely.

“At the minute I am on furlough as I work in a hospitality business. My kids are at school and I am at home staring to the four walls.

“It is tough.”

Manchester parent

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Royal Foundation said loneliness in parents is “dramatically increase[ing]”.

This research comes as the whole of Greater Manchester will return back to Tier 3 into another strict localised restrictions in England from the 2nd December.

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This means, all hospitality businesses will stay close for the foreseeable future.

And many parents who work in this sector will be left isolated without the help of community spirit.

But Katrina Summerscales from Worsley is collecting Christmas Donations for people who live in their own homes and who are lonely this Christmas.

She said: “As key workers it is our responsibility, they have something to look forward to each and every day.

“It’s lovely to see their faces light up when they know people care.”

Katrina is looking for many more donations to help many more lonely parents and grandparents this Christmas.

For more information leave her an email at Katrina.summerscales@meridianhsc.co.uk.

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