Family asks for help to treat poorly pup

A Manchester family have launched a ‘GoFundme’ to help raise money for their dog Harley’s cancer treatment.

Harley was diagnosed with Cancer last year and had a tumour removed from her head before Christmas. Since then, two more ‘Mast cell tumours’ have been found and a third, different type of cancer has been found in her stomach.

“Without this treatment, her prognosis isn’t good, however we have decided to give treatment another go as she is such a happy and otherwise healthy dog who is a huge part of our family” writes her owner Emily in her appeal “The insurance company have paid £1500 towards this treatment but they will not contribute anything else, so we have borrowed money to cover the additional costs so far of £1400”

This isn’t the first rough time in Harley’s life, when Emily first found her furry friend it was at Manchester dogs home back in 2010 “They advised us when we got her that she had previously had a broken leg and never been taken to the vets by her previous owner as it had healed wonky.”

In true “Harley form” however she has “never let it bother her and has enjoyed many long walks and fast runs chasing her ball.”

The chemotherapy Harley is being treated with is a new style of drug that causes no side effect in 80% of cases but she also needs antihistamines and regular scans to check for the tumours, all leading to a big vet’s bill. She may even need surgery costing up to £3000.  

Emily is trying to raise £10,000 to cover Harley’s needs over the coming months and anything not spent on the pooch herself will be donated to Manchester Dogs home who united the pair to begin with. At the time of writing the total raised stands at £1,440 of the £10,000 goal.

“Given the pandemic, we know that times are hard for people” Emily adds in her GoFundme “so please only donate what you can but we know that Harley holds a special place in many people’s hearts, and we are truly grateful for any amount that you are able to donate.”

“Since having Harley she has given all of us so much happiness. She is such a huge part of our family and, as she is an otherwise fit, healthy and happy dog we want to do all we can to raise the money for her treatment and give her the best chance possible.

If you want to donate to the GoFundme you can find a link here

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