Former Attorney-General Jeremy Wright calls for PM’s resignation 

By Rebecca Rommen

Ex-Tory attorney-general Jeremy Wright has sent a letter to his constituents calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation.

In the statement released by The Times today, Wright says that if investigations conclude that Johnson was aware of the rule-breaking parties at Downing Street, he will have no choice but to resign.

While Wright acknowledges Johnson’s right to due process, he also stresses the need for the PM to be held accountable. 

Wright writes: “If the prime minister has attended events he knew broke the rules, or was aware of events he knew broke the rules, he should not have advised the House of Commons, on several occasions, that as far as he was aware, no rules were broken there.” 

The letter comes amid backlash from UK residents, many of whom made sacrifices during lockdown. 

Manchester student Sofija Ninkovic is from Serbia and couldn’t see her family abroad for a year and a half because of travel restrictions. During that time, she lost her grandmother and her uncle because their cancer treatment had been delayed due to mounting Covid cases. Ninkovic was unable to attend their funerals.  

Ninkovic is “not surprised” by the lockdown party allegations following Johnson’s alleged “let the bodies pile high” comment.  

Of the Covid restrictions themselves, Ninkovic says: “Just because the Tories broke the rules doesn’t mean they existed in vain”. 

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