Former UFC champion appears at Manchester Film Festival to premiere new documentary

By Patrick Barlow and Matthew Baldwin

Photo Credit: Nate Lindaman / Creative Commons

Former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping has called his new documentary “nuts” after it premiered at the Manchester Film Festival.

The documentary, which covers his gruesome injury fighting Vitor Belfort and his title victory against Luke Rockhold, premiered on Monday.

At the festival, he reflected on his career and having a film about his life saying: “The fact that we’re seeing my own film is nuts. It still doesn’t feel real and it’s a little embarrassing.”

Speaking to Matthew Baldwin, Bisping added: “When they came to me with the idea it’s hard to say no, I have got a decent story I guess!”

The fighter, from Manchester, fought with a detached retina for the remainder of his career, something which the documentary covers in detail.

Bisping, who has a 30-9 record, had to seek medical clearance to fight after his loss to Belfort, which is considered controversial as Bisping’s opponent was on testosterone replacement therapy.

Adam Scorgie, a producer of the documentary, said: “It’s been great to finally get to watch it with an audience. It’s been a long process, we started with [Bisping] in 2018, its awesome to not only have our first audience premiere be in the UK but in Manchester.

“I can’t wait for the champ to see [his film] with an audience.”

Speaking about his career, Bisping added: “If you’ve got a dream go for it. I came up with this crazy plan where I was going to be a professional fighter when no-one knew what UFC was.

“Everyone laughed at me, everyone talked a fair bit of s*** about me but look at this, it’s crazy.”

Bisping: The Michael Bisping Story will be released on Tuesday, March 22nd.

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