Live music returns to Manchester – but socially distanced

“We’ve played to empty rooms for years, so we’re very used to socially distanced shows!”

Music fans and bands are gearing up for the return of live shows from the 17th of May. The return has been eagerly awaited with opening shows selling out across the city.

One band who is waiting no time to get back on the road are rockers October Drift. They have been welcomed back to the city with a sell-out show at YES on Friday 21st.

Frontman Kiran Roy said: “We’re just gearing up for it now, but I think it’s going to be really special. Everyone’s had a difficult year and I’m sure everyone coming has missed live music. We’ve been stoked with the response to the tour – both shows in Bristol have now sold out as well as Manchester and St Albans & the others are all really close to doing so as well.

“On a personal level though it means a lot to us that people haven’t forgotten about us and still want to come and see us.”

While it may be a return to the stage, under government guidance the crowd must remain socially distanced and seated. A very different atmosphere than you’d expect to find at one of the band’s shows.

“We’ve played to empty rooms for years, so we’re very used to socially distanced shows! I think the fact that there’s a load of people at these gigs and its the first live music for all of us for so long that even though it’s seated, the vibe is going to be magic.”

The last 12 months have not been wasted by the band as they have continued to work on their second album. Something that, Kiran says is not far away: “Yeah, our second album is being mixed as we speak. These shows are a great opportunity for us to try out some of the new material in a live setting.”

There is still a handful of tickets available for the Manchester matinee show at YES. Tickets can be found on the band’s website

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