Superheroes of Sale set to raise £15,000 for Manchester’s Ronald McDonald House

A band of Superheroes is running around Sale to raise people’s spirits during lockdown.

So, do not be surprised if you see Superman chasing Captain America with Spiderman, and his friends, down your street.

Sale Superheroes
Some of the Superheroes of Sale.

Following the announcement of the first national lockdown, the Superheroes of Sale took it upon themselves to come together and have fun whilst keeping fit.

Sale’s Captain America, Matt Keen, has already run more than 670 miles in costume: “I’ve run a couple of times in costume and at the beginning of lockdown, I just thought people were a bit worried and scared and locked in so I thought you know what, I’m going to dig this costume out again.”.

Sale’s Captain America, Matt Keen.

“The original thing was never about money it was always about going out and cheering people up and then people started asking to donate, so we decided between us to pick a Manchester based charity, the Ronald McDonald House”.

They set off with a £100 target, it then changed to £300 and eventually shot up to £10,000. They are now planning on stretching to £15,000.

The Ronald McDonald House offer accommodation for families with a child battling cancer.

Charity worker, Vanessa Simmons: “Because of Coronavirus, we have probably lost about 50% of our income due to events not being able to support us.

“Without people donating and fundraising for us, we wouldn’t be able to continue our services for the families.”.

“Over the time that the Superheroes have been fundraising for us, we have now built a really good relationship.

“They’ve had chance to hear stories from the families who have been supported by us which has enabled the charity and the Superheroes to form a bond together.”.

Whilst they run, children wait, dressed up in their own superhero costumes, waving them on from behind the transparent shield of their windows.

Sale resident, Wisia Morris: “They’ve been to both my daughter’s birthdays, they’ve been on my street quite a few times now, they’re like celebrities.”.

“It’s not just about kids, my dad turned 72 in November and they all came and sang on his drive.

“It made my dad’s day. We recorded it and he sent it to all his friends telling them “the superheroes came to see me” so it’s just helped absolutely everybody.”.

“I can’t speak enough great stuff about them, they’re just really good.”.

Sale Superheroes
The Superheroes of Sale.

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