Greater Manchester Treated To Glimpse Of Symbolic Animation Model Exhibition

Mackinnon And Saunders: 30 Years And Beyond Exhibition The minds behind the most famous animation models ever created have put some of their most iconic works in a unique exhibition. From the moment that you walk through the doors at the Waterside in Sale, you are immediately greeted by many childhood favourites. Models from tv […]

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Former UFC champion appears at Manchester Film Festival to premiere new documentary

Former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping has called his new documentary “nuts” after it premiered at the Manchester Film Festival.

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The Power of the Dog leads Oscar nominations

By Danny Gutmann Troy Kotsur has become the first deaf man to claim an Oscars nomination for his role in CODA while Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog lead’s the way with 12 nominations. Film critic Ben Rolph from Discussing Film and Screen Rant spoke to Quays Media about the surprises, his top picks […]

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