“This centre caters for everyone; people who came 60 years ago to people who came a year ago” – Ukrainian Cultural Centre continues to support the families who fled the war

A year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a cultural centre is continuing to help those struggling during this tough time. Last year, millions of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes during Putin’s attack on Ukraine with many flooding to the UK for help, homes, and support. Many found that whilst they had a […]

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Russia – Ukraine: The War in the Air

By Alex Daniel While the war in Ukraine has raged on, we in the outside world have heard little about the combat itself, instead, news has focused on the wider political situation we can see and the one thing we can measure – the numbers of refugees forced from Ukrainian soil. What little we have […]

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World War ‘Z’ breaks out as Russian groups slammed over new symbol

By: Trishita Bose As the world rallies to support Ukraine, Putin’s regime and its supporters have met fierce backlash by the military, other nations and the global community. Just a fortnight after Russia’s unprovoked assault on Ukraine, an everyday symbol has emerged among pro-war supporters as a new propaganda tool to promote the atrocities committed […]

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