There’s Been A Murder… Get Me Outta Here!

Three Hasting actresses have created their own murder mystery that is keeping families entertained during lockdown in the comfort of their own homes.

Jodie, Kirstie and Leah turned their interest of escape rooms into murder mysteries following the outbreak of Covid-19 left the furloughed.

The trio have been learning ‘on the job’ with their filming and editing to the make up of each character not being areas they are experienced within.

They have been overwhelmed with the response from their audience seeing recurring entrants and positive appreciative comments on Facebook.

One lady in Wales who had been isolating since March said, “It was the most interaction and entertainment she has had since she locked down” and has since taken part in every murder mystery.

Another online review says, “you’ve got to watch one of these ‘Who-dunnits?’ the actors, scenes and music are great… You wouldn’t believe that there are only 3 people!… I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely do one again!”.

 Since their first competition in August they have seen entrants increase each month now rising to 64 teams along with the backing of their chosen charity Clic Sargent.

Clic Sargent specialise with children who are suffering from cancer and offer support for those families who are enduring such a difficult time.

Their latest issue comes under the name of ‘There’s Been A Murder… Get Me Out Of Here!’ and are excited to announce their Christmas issue ‘Ho Ho Homicide’ that starts on the 27th of December.

The competition can be entered via Facebook on the Femme Fatalities page or via EventBrite.

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