Varsity 2022 – Live updates from all the events

17:22 – And that’s all from us today. The leaderboard stands at Salford 10-8 Chester, with hockey, basketball and more to come this evening. It’s been a thrilling day, with exhilarating football matches, thrilling softball clashes and tense athletics events.

We hope you enjoyed our live blog. Quays News will be back in a few weeks time.

17:13 – Our friends at Quays TV have produced a news update on today’s Varsity. Catch it here:

16:56 – Another win for Salford! The women’s volleyball team take the victory. It now stands at Salford 10-8 Chester.

16:30 – More on the swimming and Salford men have won the 100m! They now lead the swimming with two legs to one.

16:11 – Chester women take the second leg of the Swimming, a closely fought heat which came down to less than half a second. All to play for in the Men’s swimming.

16:07 – The Men’s Swimming team are making a splash in their Varsity races. One heat down in the relay and Salford have pipped Chester. More to come with more races throughout the afternoon.

16:00 – Following on from the amazing Women’s game, we move to the Men’s Football and it is currently 0-0. We will bring you more updates as more news comes in.

15:37 – The results are in from our poll earlier and it is a resounding win for Salford. Now it is only right that Chester give the people what they want and let Salford win Varsity.

15:13 – Back to Rugby and Salford are currently dominating in the first half, already 12-0 ahead. Can this team produce the best performance since the French Grand Slam? Stay tuned.

15:11 – Chester win on penalties. After a dramatic comeback it just was not meant to be, but Salford can leave with their heads held high. This can be added to the long list of great English penalty heartbreaks.

15:01- Back to the Women’s Football and Chester have equalised to make the game 4-4 at full time. The match goes straight to penalties.

Do not scratch your eyes. Do not leave your seats. This is on a knife edge.

14:59 – Taking a break from the Football action now to take a stab at the fencing, which Salford are winning 25-22. One of the Salford team has represented Great Britain, so hopefully this will keep the team in the lead

Salford Fencing – Photo Credit: Lauren Barclay

14:52 – Now 4-3 Salford! A fantastic free kick right over the wall and into the top corner. A brilliant game with not long left to go.

14:50 – Not long left in the Football the score is now 3-3. Unbelievable Jeff! Salford pull ahead before conceding a penalty as Chester equalise. Ten minutes to go, real squeaky bum time.

14:30 – Back to the Women’s Football and after falling further behind, Salford have fought back to 2-1 with around half an hour left to play. Does anyone know what the Varsity version of Fergie time is?

14:24 – And now to everyone’s favourite net-based sport, Volleyball. After three sets Salford are ahead, with the win surely on the way soon. Hopefully this does not get struck down by the curse of the commentator.

14:19 – An update from the Women’s Rugby and it is now 20-10 to Salford, all of the scores coming from tries. A shining example of fast moving rugby as both teams refuse to score any penalties, or conversions for that matter.

14:01 – In a fantastic coincidence, apparently today is Cheshire Day, which means that Salford are here to spoil the party with some fantastic sport and a big Varsity win. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on how we ruin Chester’s special day.

13:47 – Currently in the Women’s Football, Salford trail near the break with Chester leading 1-0. But, as we all know, Football is a game of two halves, so expect big things from Salford very soon.

13:42 – We have a poll for you as we ask the people who they think are going to win Varsity?

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13:38 – Another update from earlier sporting action in the Badminton, honours were shared as the matches ended 1-1.

Chester took the Women’s match, but Salford stormed the Men’s match to even up the fixture.

13:36 – Want to get involved? you can listen to live coverage on Shock Radio, as well as following live bulletins from Quays News

13:20 – Currently the scores in Varsity overall are level at 6-6. A lot can change in an afternoon so there is lots to play for as the day progresses.

13:18 – Moving over to Women’s Rugby, and with a try on the stroke of half time it is now 10-0 Salford at the break. Two tries give the away side a lead, but it is all to play for in the second half.

13:08 – Half time in the Softball and it is now 12-10 to Chester. Salford looking to rival Liverpool in Istanbul and Ben Stokes at Headingley with one of the greatest sporting comebacks of all time, stay tuned for updates.

13:02 – Chester staging a fightback in the Softball with the scores currently at 10-7.

12:55 – Softball update and it is a clear 10-4 lead to Salford.

Softball is very similar to baseball, with the main differences being a bigger ball, bigger bat and the ball pitched underarm.

12:27 – Final result in the Rowing, and Chester secure a whitewash, winning three races out of three.

There were a Men’s, a Women’s and a Mixed race, with drama in the Men’s event as the Salford rowing machine broke halfway through.

Exciting times in the Mixed event as well as a tactical substitution sees our reporter, Lauren, taking part.

12:26 – A mixed Rounders update for you, as Salford take a 14.5-9 win. We will bring you live updates as soon as we find out how you score half a point.

12:19 – Final score in the Ultimate Frisbee: Salford lose 11-1 to Chester. That takes the total Varsity score level at 4-4.

12:12 – A live update from the Ultimate Frisbee, Chester are winning 11-1, with Salford struggling to get a foothold in the game.

For those new to the beautiful game, a point is scored when a team catches the frisbee in the opposing team’s end zone.

Ultimate Frisbee – Photo Credit: Amelia Shallish

A recap on what has happened so far:

  • Salford were victorious in the Netball last week, with the Women’s 2nd Team securing a commanding 54-21 win. The first team play later today.
  • In Football, the Men’s 2nd XI won a nail-biting game, scoring twice in extra time to win 4-2. The Women’s 2nd team were not so lucky, losing 8-1 to Chester. Both 1st teams are yet to play.
  • Salford failed to get ahead at any point in the Basketball, losing 75-66 in the 2nd team game. The first team will be looking to bounce back today as they play to close out Varsity.
  • Salford took the Archery by a long margin, winning 417-268.
  • Salford won by two wickets in the Cricket, running Chester out for 95 before chasing them down.

Varsity has returned for the first time since lockdown began and the event is showcasing a wide range of sports for Salford and Chester students.

We will be bringing you live updates from Chester as scores come in from a range of sports including Football, Rugby, Rowing and Ultimate Frisbee.

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